The Calvary Reading List

Whether it's a book, a video series, movie, or some other resource, the goal is the same for each selection: that we would have the opportunity to engage with it over the course of a month and be able to come together for a time of sharing and reflection.

We will have a limited amount of each selection to loan out. We also highly recommend using the local resources of the Kent District Library to borrow any books if possible! If you would like to get a discounted rate for buying one yourself, or you want to participate and need help getting a book, please do not hesitate to ask John Quist.

Want to share reflections or thoughts on a particular resource we've read? Been encouraged by a particular idea or thought from one of the resources? We'd love to hear from you!

View the PDF of past reading list opportunities here:

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Seven Ways LGBTQ Christians Experience Harm in the Church

The April Reading List Opportunity is “Heavy Burdens; Seven Ways LGBTQ Christians Experience Harm in the Church.” Why this book? In the recent congregational survey regarding the HSR report, 49% of those who responded shared that they felt that learning more about the experiences of those who are LGBTQ should be a priority. That is the goal of this book. Written by a Christian sociologist, Heavy Burdens outlines the experiences of those who are LGBTQ within the context of the Christian Community. In doing so, it also describes with convincing clarity the sins, hypocrisy, and double standards manifested by those who believe themselves to be defending the Word of God. The goal of the book is not to convince that gay relationships are biblically permitted; rather, it seeks to help the church understand that no matter what we believe about gay relationships or LGBTQ issues, we have done serious and significant harm to members of our body in the most un-Christlike of ways. It is a sobering read on an uncomfortable topic, but if you are willing, we believe it will help us as a church be more faithful, and not less, as we seek to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We will have an Adult Ed session on Sunday, April 23 following the worship service.



(And Other Simple Ways to Live as Neighbors)

A companion activity to this book will be a 'Noticing our Neighbors' opportunity - stay tuned for more info and a guide for how you can participate in your own neighborhood.