Leadership & staff

Calvary CRC elects a Council of Elders and Deacons to serve as its governing body. This group of men and women serve three-year terms equipping the church to grow in faith, love, and dedicated to serve others. 

Alongside the Elders and Deacons, Calvary CRC has an Administrative Council. This council is a group of men and women who are elected or appointed to focus on specific administrative functions of the church. These functions consist of upholding the church Vision and Mission, facilities, finance, and personnel.

We are currently accepting applications for the position of Church Secretary. A complete job description is available at this link

Mark Van Drunen


Email: pastor.mark@calvarywy.org

If you would like to meet with Pastor Mark, you can set up a time using Calendy at this link

I meet with people throughout the week, but I try to set pastoral meeting times specifically during these hours: 

    Tuesday 10-12 noon & 2-4 pm

    Wednesday 10-12 noon & 6-8 pm

    Thursday 10-12 noon & 2-4 pm

If these times do not work, please reach out by email or by calling the church number and leaving a voicemail. 

John Quist

Administrator / High School Youth (Facility Rentals)

Email: jquist@calvarywy.org

Sara Jewett

Coffee Spot & Diaconal Coordinator

Email: sjewett@calvarywy.org

Shanna Grigoletti

Director of Lighthouse Community Resource Center

Email: shannagrigoletti@gmail.com

Kendra DeVrou

Director of Worship & Music

Email: kendra@calvarywy.org

Church Office

Email: office@calvarywy.org

Phone: 616.534.0934