Open: Weekdays

Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Use West Entrance (Door C) facing Byron Center Ave. 

Phone Number: (616) 333-0250

Our goal at the coffee spot is to provide a friendly place for people to make connections with resources and other people from our community. We have computers available for use as well as open wifi. Free coffee is always available and there is often something to snack on.

Sara Jewett coordinates this ministry and is available at or at the above phone number. 

Feel free to call or stop by to find out more about the Coffee Spot. 

For Assistance Requests, please fill out the form found at this link:

Your application will be reviewed by our benevolence team. We strive to respond to all applications within 3 days and may request to set up an interview with you. 

*Currently, we may be able to provide assistance if you are a resident of Wyoming, or a member of our church. 

Within Kent County, The United Way provides information and referrals for a wide range of services including: utility/rent assistance, food resources, transportation, health care, legal assistance, education, criminal justice, counseling, etc. 

They can be reached by calling 211 or 1(800) 877-1107.